i g n i t e y o u r s e n s e s

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Welcome into the world of AcousticaElectronica: a 360 degree sensory adventure. From epic performances to intimate experiences, this night will awaken your heart and mind. It is a mashup of opposites: the classical and the electronic, the light and the dark, a trip to the theatre and a night on the dance floor. Come discover at this theatrical roller coaster filled with heart-pounding live music, contagious choreography, breathtaking aerialists, and an unforgettable night ending with a dance party.

OMG. #AcousticaElectronica blew my mind last night. With an always-keep-you-guessing storyline, fantastic performers, and an ‘in the audience dance party’ vibe, I was obsessed. #mindblown
— @cclautredou / instagram